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Hi! I am Upendra

I teach coding that brings money, while you are still learning!

After buying over 50 courses, and not finishing even ONE of them, I started asking my friends around. 

Everyone was in the same boat. Everyone has bought dozen’s of courses because either they were on sale, or were from a reputed course creator, or because they had that topic in their todo list.

Eventually, when they open the course, they realized the SAME THING!

What's wrong with long courses

Picture This 

You want to learn Python. You do some research and bought a course. You are ready to learn everything about the language.  You look at all those courses with 20 hours of videos. You go through few minutes of this content and realize that you don’t have time or motivation right now.

You promise yourself you will get back to it tomorrow.

Somehow, you open the course the next day. Few lectures and you are already losing the interest. 

The courses are not practical. Many are advertised as practical but you can’t really make money. 

Even if you finish the course, you realize that there are still so many things to learn before you feel confident enough to apply for job!

Don’t get me wrong, you do need basic programming skills. But 20 hours is too much for that!


What's the alternate

Now Picture This

You spend few hours to learn the basic syntax of Python. Even less if you already know any other programming language. After that, real life practical examples will help you really learn the useful-stuff. 

Add some earning and you have added incentive 🙂

Here is what one my student has to say:

“Beginners are inspired to learn […] if they can apply coding skills to make some money along the way.”

Here is what another has to say:

I am doing my first jobs only with your course

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Take any of the free courses and see what it feels like.


Web Scraping with Scrapy - Earn Your First $

Scrapy Crash Course: Practical Web Scraping Introduction and making that first dollar

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Web Scraping with Scrapy - Earn Your First $

The idea course to start learning Scrapy.
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Price Monitoring

Monitor Online Stores Price with Python

Monitor online store prices and learn python at the same time. Or simply download the script and use it

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Monitor Online Stores Price with Python

This course is for those who are looking for a way to automate their life with some Python magic!
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