How Much Can You Earn as a Developer?

Let's Talk Data

Here are the latest salary data:

  • Most* of the Python back-end developers with 2 years experience earn over $105,000
  • Most* Data Scientist with 2 years experience earn over $112,000


* Most means 75%.  This means at least 25% developers earn more than this! [Source]

Even developers with no experience earn a lot, but more on that in a moment

Don’t have a degree? Don’t have any experience?

No Problem!

Most Python developers with no prior experience and not even a bachelors degree get $92,000

The only hurdle is learning Python and then selling yourself as someone who can actually be an asset to the company.

Learning Python and getting a job is not that hard!

Imaging This

How about writing a program that will monitor a product on a online shopping sites for price fluctuations and alert you when the price drops. 

What do you think how difficult would this be.

Here is the Reality

The biggest problem with most Python courses is that they are dull, boring, and talk about lot of theory first.

Sure, learning theory and the differences between binary search and linear search is necessary, but if that is what you learn first, you would never learn Python.

So when it comes to actually writing code for something useful, you have already spent months on completely useless things, learnt things that you would probably never use.

Now Imagine This

What if I told you that you would be creating this program in the first hour of your lesson?

This concept is called Web Scraping.

If you talk to someone who knows Python, they will stop you right there and tell you the learn the basics first.

But the approach that we have taken is different. In only an hour, you would have your first web scraper up and running. 

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Python Solves Real Problems

What's the Big Deal About Python

Web Scraping

Getting data from the internet automatically is easy and can be learnt in less than hour with Python. We even have a free course for you on this.

Back End Development

Python can be used as complete object-oriented, functional, or procedural language. Making it very easy and powerful.

Data Analysis

Analyzing complex data can be done in minutes by Python. It is widely used by Data Scientists


Creating and running automated tests are easy in Python.

Web Applications

Python has some powerful framework that makes web applications easy

Best First Programming Language

It has been established that Python is the best Programming Language to learn as a complete beginner in programming. It is not taught to kids world-wide.

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