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Must Have Tools & Resources

Here are some tools that I have used and I consider them must-haves.

Web Hosting


The first question is always about choosing hosts. If you want a stress free good host, go with Siteground. Their plans are good, and their customer support is outstanding. One of the best in the industry. You can get started with 3.95/month. Remember to buy for a longer period like 3 years for more saving. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied,


Note that every web hosting company gives a commission for referrals. I can recommend other hosting providers who give out a huge commission. Still, I recommend Siteground only because they are actually good.

Recording Voice

When it comes to recording, voice is more important than video. An “okay” video with good sound is much better than a good video with poor sound. Pay attention to any video on YouTube or any other course that you are taking. You would agree with me.

For most of my videos, I use ATR2100-USB‘s XLR interface with Behringer UMC22. I don’t have to worry about all those noises.


My favorite coffee, after Starbucks, of course, is Blue Tokai. They have their own store page on Amazon India. I have been experimenting with their various coffee beans. After you place your order, they will custom grind for you—if you want or you can go for full beans.

Th best thing is their sampler pack. Even I started with the sampler pack and from there I moved on to what I liked.

I use the InstaCuppa french press, which is decent (not so great, so far the best among the options I tried. The best part is if you break the carafe, you can buy the spare one easily.


My favorite earphones are OnePlus Bullets. 


Full Disclosure: Many of the above are affiliate links where I get a small commission if you buy using these links. The price you pay will not change. You will still get the deals if any. My recommendations are based on my experience. I strictly do not recommend what I have not used.

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